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Scansatec service process aims to identify specific customer need, and provide tailored solution by combining our local knowledge and technical solutions from our partners. During the process we analyse customers current state from technical and economic perspective. Based on that analysis we design and propose solution that fills techincal needs and customers business goals. Often we are not limited to technical topics, we also provide new ideas and sometimes the actual business process needs to be refreshed and optimised.

One of the key benefits of working with Scansatec, is that we take care complete implementation process. Scansatec long experience in international trade guarantees smooth and accurate deliveries. Our team has long history of successful installations of complex network and head-end solutions. Scansatec offers various training courses, with possibility of implementation launch as a service. Scansatec technical team has fast response times to support and aftersales related topics.








After sales


Fiber optics, HFC, EPON, DOCSIS - complete end-to-end networks from scratch

  • Scansatec offers complete end-to-end solutions in IP data and video networks
    • Includes: designing of the network, selection of configuration, delivery, installation, training, and after sales services
  • Our technologies:
    • Optical fiber networks - EPON, FTTx, RFoG, etc.
    • DOCSIS networks, terminals and CPE
    • Ethernet based networks
  • Scansatec is widely recognized vendor in Scandinavian and Baltic markets, and we have delivered numerous implementations using the latest fibre optics technologies


  • Scansatec offers wide selection of CPE and in-home devices from the largest vendors of the world
  • Our expertise helps you to identify proper units to match local requirements
  • CPE devices:
    • FTTx home and in-building devices
    • DSL
    • DOCSIS 3.1 and DOCSIS 3.0 cable modems
    • WiFi gateways and WiFi hotspots
    • Ethernet gateways
    • IP, DVB-C/T2/S, OTT STB's
  • Scansatec offers complete wifi installations for enterprise and campus. Our design team is more than happy to assist you to select the best available solution. Contact our team via “contacts"


Design, implementation, delivery, support

  • Scansatec offers complete digital video Head-Ends for various video signal processing needs
    • We can offer complete end-to-end solution from designing Head-End to implementation and training
    • Scansatec also offers individual Head-End components such as DVB-S2 receivers, multiplexers, IPTV streamers, etc.
  • Over the time we have delivered for example complete IPTV head-end, OTT processing platform to support mobile streaming, redundant DVB-S2 receiving sites and so on.


TV, Mobile, Tablet - interactive TV-services

  • Over the top services (OTT) are modern way for Service Provider to reach out for customers. Transforming traditional linear TV to interactive, time-shifted service targeting mobile devices is required action for any modern operator.
  • Our expertise and experience will help you in the process of implementing online video services - wether its for small community or large ISP. Our team at Scansatec has provided multiple OTT systems over the last 5 years and we know excatly what is required in such process. Scansatec may assist you to select proper encoders and transcoders, DRM system, IP streaming platform and application back-office.


Know your video and data!

  • Have you ever considered how users experience your video service?
  • With our modern tools and monitoring systems you can track Quality of Experience (QoE) for each individual user
  • Our parther Bridgetech is global leader in digital TV monitoring solutions
  • Monitor IPTV, DVB-C, DVB-S/S2, DVB-T
  • Bridgtetech monitoring solution is specially tailored to fit Finnish TV-monitoring regulations and we can supply out-of-the-box solution to match ViVi M58 reporting requirement


Specially tailored solutions for telco and SP

  • Lot of data and parameters in your network and your customers equipment? All changing over time rapidly
  • Take control of your big data, using our service
  • Powered by OpenVault - Telco and ISP knowledge service - No more investments based on a single users data consumption
  • Looking for solution to track usage based billing - search no more, OpenVault is the right solution for you!


Scansatec offers solutions in three segments - networks, video processing and home devices. Complex network solutions increase capacity of data and video traffic. We can build complete network from scratch using various topologies and technologies such as fiber, HFC, EPON, DOCSIS 3.1 or ethernet. On top of complete end-to-end solutions we offer network components like RF amplifiers, optical nodes, laser transmitters, digital return path receivers, cables and connectors. Key part of the network is centralised head-end equipment where we can offer EPON terminals, CMTS systems, and multiple signal combiners and transmitters. Complex networks require precise knowledge of signal levels and noise ratios, in order to built compliant and optimised network please contact our experts.