Cgates, Synamedia and Scansatec - live video network solutions to future-proof OTT growth

How do you future-proof OTT growth?

One of the leading Lithuanian telcom companies Cgates has gone live with Synamedia video network solutions across its pay-TV services. These technologies will support live and time-shifted viewing on set-top boxes and OTT, ensuring Cgates has the flexibility and scalability to meet its future growth plans while optimizing the delivery of high quality video streaming across all platforms.

As Synamedia's regional partner Scansatec has worked closely with the deployment.

During the first part of the engagement, Cgates went live with Synamedia virtualized DCM to support the encoding of its 200 cable channels, in HD and 4K. Cgates chose Synamedia’s virtualized DCM because it maximizes picture quality yet minimizes hardware requirements thanks to Synamedia’s industry-leading VIVID Compression. By optimizing bandwidth and latency with content-aware encoding, the virtualized DCM now delivers a superior viewing experience to Cgates’ subscribers, even at peak times.

Complementing the virtualized DCM, Cgates is now deploying Synamedia’s Adaptive Bit Rate (ABR) headend, including packaging and storage for VOD and catch-up, as well as Synamedia’s private CDN supporting both HLS and MPEG-DASH. By using Synamedia’s video network technologies for its entire delivery ecosystem, Cgates will give subscribers an immersive and consistent high quality viewing experience across its TV mobile app and its pay-TV service including its new Android set-top boxes.

An important factor in Cgates’ decisions was the cloud-native architecture of both the virtualized DCM and the ABR headend that gives it the flexibility to deploy on-premise then move to a hybrid or cloud models as required. Both also share the same easy-to-use interface that simplifies configuration and uses Synamedia Video Services Manager (VSM) to provision and manage cloud resources.

Cgates is now working with Synamedia on future enhancements including low latency for live sports streaming, and disaster recovery.

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