DKT 10Gbps FTTH Gateway series enables next generation connections

The DKT 7975x series is built to fit the well proven DKT FTU. The newly developed active part is based upon a sophisticated wirespeed Layer 2 switching-based “System-on-Chip” (SoC) solution.

This solution implies that fiber termination and service activation occur as part of the operator’s “demarcation point” at the end customer in a FTTH 10Gbps environment.

The active unit comes with 1x SC/ UPC + 1x SC/APC (CATV option) for 10Gbps Active Ethernet, and 1x SC /APC for XGSPON (WDM built- in), based on a “none proprietary” solution, it can be adopted in environments with 3rd party equipment. It has low power dissipation, supporting the recommendation of “Code of Conduct on Energy Consumption of Broadband Equipment”.

The industry terms this a “2 box solution”, where there is clear differentiation between FTU/ CPE and the router/home gateway. This solution optimizes sourcing/logistics as well as support and technical upgrade which remains flexible and smooth, and allow operators to offer an FTTH infrastructure suitable for both a retail and wholesale business model. 

The FTU layout is based on a standard euro outlet form factor, customer perceives this unit as an outlet, not “yet another appliance in my house”, and the active part can be clicked directly on top of the FTU. 


All passive FTUs has to be ordered seperately. 

79751: FTTH-10G-1F-3P, 10G WAN, 1x 10G and 2x 1G LAN, 

79752: FTTH-10G-2F-3P-CATV, 10G WAN, 1x 10G and 2x 1G LAN, CATV 

79757: FTTH-XGS-1F-3P, XGSPON WAN, 1x 10G and 2x 1G LAN 

79759: FTTH-XGS-1F-3P-CATV, XGSPON WAN, 1x 10G and 2x 1G LAN, CATV

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