NOMAD from Bridge Technologies - Media professionals most versatile companion

Bridgetech recent addition to media monitoring toolset is ultra portable NOMAD that monitors every interface one could imagine. NOMAD is a must-have for any professional dealing with streaming media, DVB, or IP multicast. Weighting just 900 grams NOMAD will be always available whenever there is a need to check your streams are up and running.

NOMAD incorporates over 20 years of R&D from Bridge Technologies.


NOMAD covers all the monitoring needs encountered in hybrid IP multicast, OTT and RF networks. It is the ultimate all-in-one monitoring and analysis solution for the technician on the move.


NOMAD is a breakthrough design with almost every conceivable interface for media signal monitoring and analysis. Featuring optical/electrical Gigabit Ethernet, ASI in/out, DVB-C QAM cable, DVB-T/T2 COFDM terrestrial, DVB-S/S2 satellite and external 1PPS GPS time-reference, NOMAD can analyse all RF transmitted DVB signals as well as OTT and multicast/unicast IP transmissions.


With comprehensive IP packet analysis tools, NOMAD is ideal for IP transport understanding regardless of media transported. NOMAD also is shipped with the ultimate in user friendly setup. The unit contains a Wi-Fi zone, and by pointing a laptop towards this, NOMAD is ready for use without further configuration.


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