Hybrid Sales Tech


Hybrid Sales Tech (Consultant & Pre-Sales Engineer) in Video & Telco networks

Scansatec provides solutions for telecommunication networks, and broadcast video. I am Juho Bäcklund, responsible for sales and business development. I am now looking for new members to strengthen our team. Consultant, Technical Sales, or Pre-Sales Engineer? The final title and responsibilities are up for negotiation, but we are looking for people just like us – hybrid of sales person and technical engineer. People who know tech, and are able to talk about it!

Briefly about the position

Scansatec delivers end-to-end solutions as turn key, or single components to existing system, and everything in between. Our solutions are tailored based on technology from our partners. As integration partner, Scansatec provides additional services such as solution consultancy, project delivery, and technical support. These solutions include data networks, hybrid fiber coax (HFC) networks, video processing (e.g. encoding, packaging), multiple types of customer premises equipment (CPE), and management systems.

Simply said – we provide solutions to enable internet in your house, and TV/video on your mobile device.

With our new teammates we want to expand our technical competence and increase our resources for delivering projects.

All our team members are involved in sales process. However, our sales is not the type of high repetition pushing sales (e.g. selling news magazines). Our solutions are rather complex in technical means, and we have adopted a more customer focused sales model. Your responsibility in sales is to explain how a certain solution or product works. Much as like telling to a friend from a different industry. The sales cycle can be long, so there are multiple stages in technical discussions including product demonstration and testing.

Our customers

Our customers are internet service providers (ISP), telco’s and cable companies, and broadcasters around Scandinavia and the Baltic states. Even though we have state of the art remote tools and video communication systems, the best way to handle customer relationships is to meet face-to-face. Therefore, some amount of travel days are required in the role. Nevertheless, many of the meetings with our EU and US based partners are handled over video calls.

Requirements for the role

In order to succeed in our team, you will need suitable technical education (MSc, BSc), knowledge of the industry, and good people skills.

In practice you should:

  • be interested in technology, follow new releases and tech news
  • understand what is internet, and how devices communicate with each other
  • have at least basic understanding of video – i.e. what types of video formats exists, how video signals are created, and what are the basic requirements from today’s devices for video playback
  • be eager to learn new technologies and stuff you don’t yet know
  • be able to talk about tech

Your main responsibility will be to identify new prospects and customers, build personal relationships to customer key people, and serve them in technical requests. At the same time our current customer base is well-defined, and maintaining current contacts is also very important. In our integrated sales and project delivery process your tasks will be to meet people, ask, listen, understand, think, ask again, know better, and work on the solution together with the customer. Technical parts include setting up testing environments (servers, OS, application installation, device configuration), system designs, and project management.

Key words to understand our tech:

  • Video processing – technology to enable watching video anywhere, anytime (OTT, HLS, HEVC, 4K, MPEG-DASH, SRT)

  • CPE – to receive signals (DOCSIS 3.1, 802.11ac, WiFi 6, Android TV)


About us

Scansatec is rather small family company (<10 people). Having a small team is our biggest advantage – there is no bureaucracy, and all team members influence our decision making. As an employee you have freedom to plan schedules, and our payment model is competitive (monthly pay + performance bonus). Regardless of small size we have high state of expertise, and we have delivered large projects to our customers. Our industry knowledge goes way back, with the company’s 30th anniversary coming up next year.

Speaking long term, our goal is to grow in both revenue and team. We are looking for 1-2 new members to begin with, and more will follow. As part of this growth you will have an interesting position to be part of designing and implementing new business models, and processes.

Working with us means each day will be different. You will be involved in all stages from customer and prospect mapping to delivery and aftersales. I can guarantee that you will not be bored, and your professional skill set will expand in multiple areas.

Last but not least our office is located in the heart of Turku along the riverside. It is easily reachable by foot, bike, car, public transport – whichever is best for you. All the best restaurants in Turku are within walking distance... so lunch time is like a special treat every day.


How to apply

The new team member will be selected as soon as proper candidate is found, no later than 1.9.2019

Call me to talk more at 040 704 8884
Or send CV and application by email to juho.backlund@scansatec.fi